Best 3D Printer For Professionals

8 Best 3D Printers for Professionals


When 3D printing is no longer a hobby for you, but one you wish to employ on a more professional scale, then getting a commercial 3D printer is a must. Rather than the sometimes cute, sometimes funky and sometimes strange-looking machines that you can mount on your desk, you're looking for big, bulky machines that can get more done.


To guide you on the best printer to choose, here is a list of the best commercial 3D printing machines available in the market.


Top Professional 3D Printers


3D Systems sPro 230

cube pro 3d printer









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This printer makes use of a technology called Selective Laser Sintering (SLS). It is a printer technology that uses high-power laser to merge small particles of plastic, metal, ceramic or glass powders together.


The highlight of the sPro 230 is its exceptionally fast printing speed. It also uses a state-of-the-art digital imaging system to accurately build large, durable plastic parts in high-definition.


This kind of 3D printer is best used for creating objects with moving parts, prototypes, architectural models, hardware, electronics housing, sculpture, promotional items and consumer products.


EOS Formiga P110







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This is another printer that makes use of SLS technology and boasts of being able to consume a minimum amount of energy. The machine is flexible and highly productive for the additive manufacturing of polymer parts.


Those who are conscious about the effects of printers on the environment can look to the Formiga P110 as their printer of choice. The materials used in the creation of the machine are recyclable.


The Formiga P110 is very user friendly too. With a high degree of automation and an intuitive user interface, using the machine becomes pretty convenient. The machine was also designed for low-dust, ergonomic work conditions.










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The INT P760 has a large build volume which is one of its most standout features. It's also highly productive and comes in a modular system design. It has the greatest construction volume for Additive Manufacturing of polymer parts too.


The machine is best suited for rapid prototyping. It's also cost-efficient and also suited for batch-size-dependent serial production. The INT P760 can produce 3D objects that measure up to 700 mm x 380 mm x 580 mm.


3D Systems ProJet 660Pro









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When you create 3D models, you obviously want them to be as realistic as possible. That said, you're most likely looking for a machine that is capable of printing more than just one color, right? Well, luckily, there's the ProJet 660Pro for that.


This machine uses the CMYK 4 color process to perform full color 3D printing. The ProJet is best used for the creation of figurines, character concepts and decorative objects.


3D Systems also boasts of the ProJet as being the only 3D printers in the industry that can create full, photo-realistic color 3D prints. Stop motion animators, professional model shops and architects are just among the many who can benefit from using this kind of machine.












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This is another printer that is capable of full color 3D printing. The Mcor IRIS includes the International Color Consortium color map which has over one million colors to create realistic objects.


Another interesting thing about the Mcor IRIS is that it's quite affordable given its capabilities. It costs a fraction of what other printers cost, plus it's quite easy to use. Even better, the Mcor IRIS has a low noise level and doesn't leave any toxic waste too.


3D Systems ProJet 3510SD






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This 3D printer makes use of a technology called SLA or Stereo Lithography Apparatus which uses a vat of liquid UV-curable photopolymer “resin” and a UV laser. When an object is exposed to the UV light, the pattern is solidified into it.


The ProJet 3510SD makes use of VisiJet M3 materials in order to produce high-quality parts needed for engineering and mechanical design applications. This printer also happens to be the most affordable one in the 3510 range. Even when offered at a lower cost, it can still produce high-quality, durable plastic parts. 



3D Systems ProJet 5500X







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Yet another 3D printing machine that makes use of SLA technology. Although not a full color printer, it is a multi-material 3D printer. The ProJet 5500X is based on the MultiJet Printing technology of 3D Systems.


The ProJect 5500X is an attractive option of those who like a commercial 3D printer that works fast, has a large build volume and offers a convenient print-to-part process.


3D Systems iPro 8000






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This state-of-the-art machine is the most advanced plastic part 3D printing technology that is capable of creating objects with the highest precision and highest resolution at the lowest cost and highest volume output. It is suited for prototyping, direct and indirect manufacturing. The iPro 8000 also features interchangeable resin delivery modules for multiple build envelope capacities.


So, when you want to enter commercial realm, take note of these fine 3D printers for professionals.




It can be a difficult choice to determine the best professional 3D printer. Overall quality plays an important role. This printer will be used numerous times, so you want to make sure your 3D printer lives up to these standards. If you have the budget, it is never a bad idea to look into the more competitive price ranges. Spending a bit more money up front can save you more in the long run.

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