Finding The Best 3D Printer Under $1000

What Is the Best 3D Printer Under $1000?


When you want to buy a 3D printer but only have a budget of $1000, can you still get something of value for such an amount? The short answer is YES. There are several 3D printers available in the market today that cost less than $1000, but some of them come with some sort of warning.


It's not a dire warning, mind you. It's more geared towards aesthetics and some missing features. You see, even the cheapest 3D printer in the market can give you what you desire: the immediate production of a 3D object. However, sometimes, you have to put in hard work like assembling the unit yourself or having to do with a not-so-appealing-to-the-eye unit.


So, if you can live with these conditions, then you're totally fine with buying a 3D printer under $1000. That said, what are the best options out there?


Top 3D Printers Under $1,000


New Matter MOD-t

New Matter Mod T 3d Printer








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This unit retails at less than $300 and is one of the most affordable 3D printers for consumers. What New Matter did with their MOD-t 3D printer is that they made an affordable model with a one-click printing ecosystem. At its price, it's quite the beauty to behold too – simple yet classy. Beginners and enthusiasts are the target audience for this printer.


Users of this printer can also go to the New Matter Store to find different kinds of objects to print. So, those who want to try their hands at 3D printing but are not looking to spend more than $300 can choose this model. It's not a bad performer either.


Printrbot Simple

Printrbot Simple Maker 3D Printer









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While the Simple from Printrbot costs less than $400, you actually have to devote a whole lot of time before you can get this machine printing. What this simply means is that this 3D printer comes in a kit that you have to assemble. Now, that is not such a bad thing for someone truly interested in the ins and outs of 3D printing.


That said, those looking for a cheap printer but don't want to do any assembling should stay away from the Simple. It's more geared towards those don't mind building things from scratch. However, there is a version of Printrbot Simple that comes fully assembled and still costs less than $1000.


All this said, the Printrbot is not a very aesthetic-looking machine. It's meant to be a low-cost entry-level 3D printer and that's exactly what it is. So, if you don't care for looks and don't mind doing some assembling in order to get some 3D models printed, then go for this machine. It's pretty reliable too.


Cube 3D

Cube 3D









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Coming in at $999 – $1,200 the Cube is one machine that can not only boast of being able to create 3D objects, but also of being really cute. It's shaped like a cube and has some really interesting features to boot.


One of the most interesting things added to this machine is its WiFi connection. With this feature, you don't need cables to send a command to your device to start printing. You can even use your smartphone to do it! The Cube has an app which you load into your phone and use to communicate with your printer.


Even more interesting, if you're interested in printing two-color 3D models, then the Cube has got you covered.


Solidoodle 4








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Now in its fourth iteration, the Solidoodle has considered the flaws of its predecessor and come up with an enhanced version. This newer version features a larger build area, an enclosed build space, a more effective way to feed filament and a better way to set the extruder height.


The design of the Solidoodle 4 is boxlike and it comes in black. It's also quite easy to operate and set up. It's a machine made for makers, professionals, schools and customers with some tech savvy.


Mini Kossel

Mini Kossel 3d printer









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The Mini Kossel is a build-it-yourself machine. If you're really into the whole “understanding what 3D printing truly is”, then this is another machine you can consider.


The Mini Kossel is rather tall and is considered a “delta” printer with a print head that is driven by three arms that allow it to build cylindrical objects. The build volume can handle the printing of objects up to 170 millimeters wide and 240 millimeters tall.


Robo 3D

ROBO 3D R1 Printer









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What's nice about the Robo 3D printers is that they are designed quite well. You don't see wires or cables in their design and the casing is quite solid.


With these 3D printers, you can get started with 3D printing and not have to pay a fortune. The only thing that remains is choosing the right machine that best fits you.





Each one of these units will do the job at an affordable price. Each of the above 3d printers offers great value for the cost. Each has its pros and cons, but with a little help from us, choosing the best 3D printer for under $1,000 will be a breeze.

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