LulzBot TAZ 4 3D Printer


LulzBot TAZ 4 3D Printer – an attractive and versatile open source machine

Open source has been a buzzword for so long and it's no wonder it has made it's way into printers. After all, anything provided open source gives a creator a ton of freedom and where better to offer that creative freedom than in the creation of three-dimensional objects? So, in a nutshell, the LulzBot TAX 4 3D Printer is the best 3D printer for those who enjoy the freedom that open source brings.


A closer look


A highly versatile machine with an equally high performance rate, the LulzBot TAX 4 3D printer is made for creators who want the freedom to craft the objects they want. Awarded the Most Maker Machine by Make magazine and named as one of the best 3D printers by the 3D Hubs community, there clearly is promise when it comes to the LulzBot TAX 4 3D printer.


Put simply, the LulzBot TAX 4 3D printer is one of the best choices for those looking for a machine that has high resolution capabilities, can create large objects and offers diverse materials.


Features and Capabilities


The LulzBot TAX 4 3D printer brings with it a variety of features that will make any 3D enthusiast want to experiment various objects with it.


  • Open source hardware. Every one of the LulzBot products are released under the open source license known as Libre Hardware. What this simply means is that creators can adopt the latest technology in the 3D printing industry with the LulzBot TAX 4 3D printer. Basically, everything from experimental filament materials, modeling software and accessories can be tested on the machine. Can you imagine the level of creativity you can have with that?


  • Print large items. The LulzBot TAX 4 3D printer has a spacious print area (11.7 x 10.8 x 9.8 inches) that can accommodate the printing of large items. Plus, it comes with a controllable heat bed too. Apart from being able to print a large volume, the printer is also capable of printing many small items.


  • Dual extruder upgrade (optional). With the LulzBot TAX 4 3D printer, you can make use of a dual extruder mount in order to print two different colors at once. This dual printing process is also possible for two different materials. However, the dual extruder tool is a separate purchase.


  • Variety of filaments. Other 3D printers make use of common plastics such as ABS, HIPS and PLA. However, the LulzBot TAX 4 3D printer takes a step further by offering users the chance to use unique filament options that include nylon, as well as wood-, stone- and rubber-like materials – and that's just to name a few.


  • Upgradable and modifiable. Using Open Source Hardware, you can download or print upgrades and replacement parts for you LulzBot TAX 4 3D printer. Better yet, you can make whatever kind of modification you want with the device. That's not even the end of it as the LulzBot TAX 4 3D printer is also compatible with several free software options. How's that for a very versatile machine?


  • Tetherless printing. This simply means that the printer doesn't need to be hooked up to a computer in order to do a job. It is fitted with an SD cart slot as well as a multi-functional graphic LCD controller.


It's a rare occasion that you'd find a 3D printer maker willing to release their model under the open source initiative. And yet, this is exactly what LulzBot did with their range of products.




Users who are looking for the best 3D printer with open source capabilities will enjoy the freedom that the LulzBot TAX 4 3D printer brings.


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